I'm Back... I hope!

Keena Finn on August 23, 2009

 I recently looked at the date of my last blog post and not so shockingly, it was almost a year ago. I'm good at a lot of things and it seems blogging ain't one of them. It is definitely NOT for lack of material. It seems Aubrey and Owen live their life as if someone were going to write a blog post about it. The problem is they don't leave me any time to actually write. And now with Baby Finn #3 on the way, I am under no illusions that I will get better. But I am going to try!! Every event of Aubrey's first two years were documented in detail and I can at least make a solid effort for Owen and his soon-to-be-brother. There may not be any words of wisdom, or witty comments but at least everyone will know what is going on with the Finn kids.