Not To be Outdone

Keena Finn on June 30, 2008

Kevin was putting Aubrey to bed tonight and I was starting to wonder if he would ever come out (I found out later that he stayed in an extra long time tonight because he had daddy-guilt about having to hold her down to get her to brush her teeth). Aubrey came out to give me her usual, "kiss, hug and squeeze" goodnight and Kevin prompted her to tell me what they had been talking about. They had been discussing what she should be when she grows up. According to their conversation tonight, Aubrey wants to be a doctor. I wasn't all that surprised given the number of checkups I've had over the past year. She was also an expert hand-holder when Owen got his six-month shots last week.

So she sat down and they told me all the new body party she had learned (no, nothing inappropriate). She pointed out my shins, calves, ankles, etc. She and Kevin decided that she would be the boss (surprise, surprise) and have three rooms. One for kids, one for grown-ups and one for babies. We also got her to agree that Kevin and I could come in for free check-ups... I mean, it's the least she could do!

When all the discussion was finished about her career ot choice, I asked her what she though Owen should be. And she said, "A leaf raker."