Mixed Feelings

Keena Finn on September 2, 2008

 So, today was a big step... we dropped Aubrey off at her first day of preschool. She knew it was coming and she was ready... sort of. We have been talking about it since I signed her up in January. Mommy would drop her off and pick her up after she was done learning and playing for the day. How if she needed anything, she could ask Mrs. Ossi. That she would have SO much fun meeting new friends, learning new songs and games... so I packed her requested lunch of PB & J (no crust and cut into triangles), Dora drinkable yogurt, apple slices, raisins and water in her princess water bottle then we took her out for breakfast at Bob Evans. Finally after much anticipation and hoopla we were off to school. Kevin and I walked her in, snapping pictures and shooting video the entire way. I'm not sure what I expected, but all of a sudden it was over. Mrs. Ossi scooped her up with a big hug and ushered her into the room. I had to ask for a hug and a kiss and after I gave her one I think reality set in. The promises of coming back to get her and meeting new friends went right out the window and the tears started (from Aubrey, not me). We snuck around back and tried to peek into her classroom window withough seeming too ridiculous. I'm sure she stopped after a few minutes and is at school right now listening to a story or playing with a new firend... yes, I'm sure she stopped crying by now. I truly hope she has a fabulous time this morning but most of all, I hope she wants to go back on Thursday!